Wingdings I

There is only darkness.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Way down below, after the ruins and snow, the waterfalls and the hot streams. Farther down the caves, deep in the deepest of holes. Darkness. Beneath the core of this ever turning, spinning, revolving stone in which we all live there is a place where light has never touched, a place darker than deep outer space. Pure void. Pure darkness.

It seemed interesting, tempting if I do say so myself. So I fell in. Like a child. Dragged down by curiosity. And I kept falling, falling in the dark. I lost track of time. Must’ve been Five minutes now. Or decades. I know not.

I do know it hurts. And then it doesn’t. The body becomes one with the void. The matter and the antimatter fuse. Holes get filled, but the emptiness is still emptiness. Nothing is nothing, still. Fact is, you become less. The darkness twists and wrecks you until you’ve become almost nothing. What is left of me, by the way, is what you hear, children. The mind is the little part of me that still resides this vault. Energy.

As for my body, it is still there. Somewhere. Maybe Frank (a nickname I gave to the void) spat it out somewhere. Somewhere up above. I hope he did. I hope he’s taken me to the streams of the underground waterfalls. “Put me to sleep beneath the glow-worm stars, on the rocky Sky”, I Said. He didn’t answer. I think he was listening.

I hope they find me. Not my body, though.That I hope Frank has hidden well. I wish that someone else falls down here, on Frank. Sorry. Actually, I do not want that to happen to anybody, but it is just so boring and lonely in here. And Frank is not the talking type aswell.


I used to value silence and loneliness up there. Down here I just want someone to scream at me, the loudest as they can. I want someone to order me something, as they used to. Dig here, build this. I’m old, you know? I’m old and my back hurts. It used to hurt. I miss having a back.

In the void, it is so quiet, your thoughts sound like someone in the room, speaking through a megaphone. But you’ll get used to it.

So come to me, children. Adventure through the caves, find the hole. In the dark, feel no fear. Feel no fear, for I am with you. Call the world to me, for I miss it very much.

And to think I’ve only been around here for thirty seconds.


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